Galvanised Glamour How to Paint Galvanised Steel

Galvanised Glamour: How to Paint Galvanised Steel

A great way to take advantage of steel’s best qualities while protecting it against corrosion is through the process of galvanisation. Galvanised steel is treated with a zinc coating that prevents it from rusting, prolongs its life, and ensures it performs well for decades to come. Galvanised steel is a versatile material that can be […]

Cause and Effect What Can Damage Galvanised Steel

Cause and Effect: What Can Damage Galvanised Steel?

Steel is known for its strength, plasticity, and versatility. However, exposing steel to water, acidity, or other elements can corrode steel and lessen its durability. By galvanising steel, we can add a tough layer of protection against corrosion, significantly prolonging its lifespan and maintaining its qualities. Galvanised steel is perfect for roofing, gutters, retaining wall […]

A Guide to Loft Living in the Modern Era

A Guide to Loft Living in the Modern Era

In the past, the image of lofts used to be reserved for artists and students looking for a way to save on rent. However, in the modern era, loft living has become much more trendy with many homeowners choosing to build lofts in their abodes. Those who own a house with a good floor-to-ceiling height […]

Protecting Your Home Against Extreme Weather with Galvanised Steel

Protecting Your Home Against Extreme Weather with Galvanised Steel

With climate change, the weather around the world has become unpredictable in recent years. In Melbourne, there have been heatwaves, heavy rain and even floods, all in the span of a few years. With so many of these extreme weather events occurring, it can be a good idea to take more precautions if you live […]

March Home News

March 2022 Home News

March is here and the news is very clear – it’s a great time to invest in not only the foundation of your home (the RW Steel team is pretty good at that) but your home in general. As such, per our tradition on a monthly basis, we scoured the internet to figure out what’s […]


Built-ins and How They Affect the Structure of Your Home

There are many parts of architectural design that our community of current and prospective customers love or hate – they’re very polarizing. Believe us, here at RW Steel, we’ve heard it all, and while we’re not surprised by anything anymore, we certainly understand the range of emotions that different customers feel about pieces of their […]