Retaining Wall Steel

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Galvanised Steel Retaining Wall Posts

Types of brackets as pictured or any angle you require.

We stock:
100UC14.8, UV 150/14, 150UC23.4, 150UC30, 150UC37.2, 200UC46.2, 200UC52, 200UC59.9, 250UC72.9, 100PFC, 150PFC, 200PFC22.9

Standard length at 100mm increments:

  • 100UC/PFC – 0.9 to 4.8m
  • 150UC23.4 – 1.8 to 6.0m in 300mm increments

We cut to any length out of the following:

  • 100UC/PFC – 4.8m
  • 150UC23.4 – 6m
  • 150UC30 – 12m
  • 150UC37.2 – 12m
  • 200UC46.2 – 12m
  • 200uc52 – 12m
  • 200UC59 – 12m
  • 250UC72.9 – 12m

Cut to any available sizes to any length with our on-site bandsaw at NO EXTRA COST

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Weld and Fabricate to your engineering specification

Fence brackets 75×10 single or weld to your post 100mm on steel 300mm above with 2 holes 12mm.