August Home News

Warmer weather is ALMOST here, readers of our RW Steel blog, and while we’ve enjoyed the past season, we’re sure that many of you are counting down the days and hopefully planning enjoyable trips and adventures for the months ahead. Time sure does seem to fly around here, and that’s why we keep sharing posts like this one… a repository of the information that we’ve found to be exciting enough to share with our blog readers. We strongly believe that when you have the information to ensure that your home is not only strong and safe but also comfortable – we’ve done our jobs well. Don’t worry, we promise to continue to do so. For now, sit back and enjoy our favourites from August Home News:

Too often we get caught up in the nuances and details of building your dream home. You’re only seeing numbers and dates, without remembering why you wanted to build your home in the first place. Remember – it WILL be worth it. That’s why we loved this article because it takes a step back and reinforces why we make the big, and sometimes scary decisions that we do. When you take the steps shared in this article, you’re also designing an even more personalized and special place for you and your loved ones, with a couple of recommendations that we bet you probably haven’t even thought about. Check out this link for more information.

This is a topic that comes up all the time with the RW Steel team and it’s an important one. If you’re making the thoughtful decisions like those recommended above, you’re hopefully not rushing into anything. That said, every household’s needs are different, and some need a starter home, and some need a forever home. This is a decision that many waffle on extensively, frequently putting off buying a home altogether because it is – understandably – a huge stressor. But hey, we live in the Internet Age, and THAT means that more information is at your fingertips than you even think about. For example… this article. Articles like this one help you make an informed decision. We do want to add though if you want to talk to a human, and especially someone who knows exactly how homes and the home buying process work… we’re always here for you. In the meantime, you can check out this article to learn more. 

We know that home construction can be expensive. It’s expensive to plan, it’s expensive during the process and it’s even expensive after the fact. There’s great joy in designing and building your dream home because you’re really putting your own personal stamp on it. Costs of projects like this go up and down all the time, but they are beatable and that’s why this article made this month’s repository. You need to have someone on your side. While we’ll reinforce your home and make it safe, advice like this can help you with any other components on your mind.