The Benefits of Using Galvanised Steel Posts in Retaining Wall Construction

The Benefits of Using Galvanised Steel Posts in Retaining Wall ConstructionOne of the most common materials used in retaining wall construction is galvanised steel. If you’re thinking of adding a retaining wall to your outdoor area or yard, chances are that you’ve probably come across suggestions to utilise galvanised steel posts in your project. If you’re unsure about what exactly galvanised steel is and why you should use it, this post will tell you everything you need to know so you can make a well-informed decision for your retaining wall project.

What are Galvanised Steel Posts?

Galvanised steel posts are essentially just steel support beams made using a special material known as galvanised steel. Unlike regular steel, galvanised steel has undergone significant treating processes to grant it additional properties that regular steel does not have.

There are multiple methods used in the industry to galvanise steel, although the most common one in hot-dip galvanisation, where steel posts are dipped directly into a pool of molten zinc. Regardless of which galvanisation method is used, the result is the same. The steel posts gain an additional protective layer of zinc that coats every single inch of the exposed surface. This zinc layer is harder than the steel beneath it and increases the durability and toughness of the posts.

Using Galvanised Steel Posts in Retaining Wall Construction

At this point, you might be wondering how exactly galvanised steel posts fit into the construction process for a retaining wall. In short, galvanised steel posts can be used as support beams to hold the retaining wall in place. They connect the different sections of the retaining wall and help it achieve a consistent and seamless look.

Some of the benefits of using galvanised steel posts for retaining wall construction compared to other materials include:

  • Corrosion resistance: the zinc coating that the steel posts gain from galvanisation helps to protect them from corrosion and the elements. Compared to steel, zinc is much harder and less susceptible to things like rust and water damage.
  • Cost effectiveness: although galvanised steel may require a higher initial investment compared to other forms of steel, it also lasts longer and will require less maintenance. Thus, in the long run, your costs are likely to be lower when you use galvanised steel.
  • High durability: like regular steel, galvanised steel is also one of the strongest building materials you can use for any construction project. Using galvanised steel posts in your retaining wall project can enable you to increase the amount of load that your retaining wall can bear.

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