When is The Best Time to Install A Retaining Wall in Australia?

When is The Best Time to Install A Retaining Wall in AustraliaProtecting your home and property from potential damage is crucial, especially in Melbourne, which is known for rainy winters and floods. Shoring up the landscaping surrounding your house can ensure the well-being of your loved ones and the safety of your home. Building sturdy retaining walls can also help to keep your home secure. In this post, we take a look at what the best time to install a retaining wall is and why.

Why Build a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall offers structural support that can help to prevent landslides, which makes it a necessary safety feature. It prevents soil erosion and provides flood control during rainy seasons. Retaining walls can also give your yard more functional space and creates neat terraces in your yard.

What is the Best Season to Install Retaining Walls?

Not all four seasons are as equally as friendly for building a retaining wall, and here are the pros and cons of installing your retaining walls during the different seasons:


If your wall isn’t just a structural solution, and you want to use it for your garden, spring is the time to do it. The spring days in Australia are warm, and the humidity is not as high as during the summer, which makes it perfect for building. You will have the time to design your flower and plant beds within the walls, and you can be sure that the walls will dry safely.


Autumn is the mildest time of the year in Australia, and as such, it is ideal for building. It is good to start preparing the soil early into the season. Give the earth ample time to settle before major temperature shifts start.


Australia is known for its high summer temperatures. During these months, humidity tends to spike to 65%, which makes it particularly unfavourable for building walls. In humid climates, walls are more likely to become damp, which can later cause them to rot due to excess moisture.


The winter season in Australia is usually rainy and windy, and the weather is cold and humid due to heavy rainfall. Severe storms are common during this time, with strong winds and flooding. This makes winter the least ideal time to build a wall.

Does the Season Affect the Cost?

Building a retaining wall during spring or autumn in Australia requires less work than during the winter, and as a result, the cost will be lower too. In comparison, building during the summer in high humidity may require different materials to protect the wall from rotting, which can cause the cost to increase. In short, the milder or more moderate the weather is, the lower the cost of a retaining wall can be.

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Image Source: HomeGuide