Building Homes on Stilts

Building Homes on StiltsThe RW Steel team works with all sorts of different properties and we love to work with those that are unique and teach us all sorts of new things, ensuring that we remain the premium company in the area to reinforce the structure of your home, but also to offer and share all sorts of information that will help you build your dream house. Today’s post is a perfect example of that – we’re talking about properties on stilts.

We recommend these for those who are building from scratch or those who know exactly what they’re looking for and are working with experts in the area who can confirm that you’re getting exactly what your vision entails.

Stilt houses by definition, are built on a platform that’s elevated. Those who explore them are generally trying to lift them well above the flood plain and they make the most sense for those that may live in areas that are prone to flooding (especially if you live on the coast) or if you’re in a more sensitive area environmentally.

As with anything, you need to think about cost when you’re embarking on any sort of adventure like this and we’re here to help break down some of the details. You can make this thought process pretty simple. The stilts are simply an additional fixture of the building. The housing costs remain the same. If you’re looking for a dollar amount specific to the stilts – we recommend that you buffer around $60,000 for the entire house, knowing that it may be far less than that, depending on the size of your home.

There are a lot of bonuses to these – most notably that they will create beautiful panoramic views, given that they’re above the existing floodplain. That in itself can be a really positive selling point down the line and or just something to be proud of right now. One benefit that many don’t think of is that depending on where the homes are located, ventilation and cooling can be a surprising plus.

All of the above information is specific to new construction, but it is always an option to raise an existing home. Experts, including us, will simply caution you – this has a far larger price tag than building a new home (something you don’t hear us say very often!) The above price quoted is for the entire house; simply adding stilts and changing the foundation of your current home can run almost $10,000. It’s deciding the priorities of the property and what’s worth it for you. Of note, this is always a project that you can undertake later. It’s not something that will create challenges for the structure of your home right now. If you’re worried about that, we recommend that you reach out to your contractor.

At the end of the day, you want to know if the investment is worth it for you. You have many factors to consider – budget, how long you’ll be there, resale value and others. Beyond talking to experts like us, we suggest that you talk with your local real estate agent to determine if this is something you want to explore.