Building a Sport Court in Your Backyard

Building a Sport Court in Your BackyardIt doesn’t matter what the weather looks like outside, we all know that you need to get outside on a regular basis. There are so many benefits – from physical to emotional. So why shouldn’t you make your time in the great outdoors (or your backyard) fun and entertaining? The RW Steel team spends plenty of time outdoors. Thanks to our offerings reinforcing the structure of your home, we can’t even tell the difference between certain temperatures anymore.

That said, that’s our job. And our job is making sure that you love the house that you live in and actually want to spend time outside. Having seen it all, we did want to share a growing trend on the blog today and the best ways to execute it. We’re talking about sport courts – actually a broader term than you may realize, because they can be used for not organized sports, but outdoor events and a general addition to the square footage you have available for you and your household.

When you first thing of a sport court, basketball is probably the first sport that comes to mind, since it requires a certain type of surface that absorbs the shock of hard landings and falls. But turf and cement are not the only types of materials that you should look for if this is something that you’re interested in adding to your home. In fact, you can look for all sorts of faux grasses and similar surfaces now, something that appeals much more heavily to our community of customers that are parents or who have growing families.

The RW Steel team is all about holistic visions of what your property will look like, but we also always want our customers to be grounded in the realities that set them up for success. You can guess what the number one here is, right? Yes, you guessed it – cost. As with any home renovation project, you should plan early and often (we recommend at the beginning of each fiscal year), so you know exactly how much money you have to spend on certain projects like a sports court construction. There are projects you want done quickly and projects you want done correctly… this is the latter. The buckets that you want to think about are site work, base material, the surface of your choosing, installation and final touches. Our team is familiar with each of these bodies of work, considering ourselves experts at excavating any sort of land. Don’t be tempted to embark on this project alone, at least without consultation to kick things off. If you’re feeling lost, just give us a call!

If all of the above sounds daunting, there is another option. There are now dozens of companies that offer off-the-shelf, ready to put together solutions. They won’t last as long and may be more susceptible to the elements, but you don’t have to make the long-term commitment if you don’t want to.

Now, who is ready to go outside?