Designing the Best Backyard

Designing the Best BackyardYou may have noticed that discussing your landscaping is a popular topic on the RW Steel blog. If that’s the case, we have to pause and say ‘thank you!’ for continuing to return to a blog that doesn’t just focus on the work that we do reinforcing the foundation of your home – it’s a blog (and a company) that will ALWAYS care deeply about every part of your home.

Now, when you’re working on reinforcing the foundation of a customer’s home, chances are good that you’re outside a fair amount. And while we work tirelessly and are as efficient as possible to keep as few people on your property, as much money in your pocket, and a job done as quickly as possible, we will always share exactly what we’ve seen and learned from.

Today… and we buried the lead with the title… we’re talking about exactly that – your landscaping, backyard, etc.

Not everyone has a backyard. Not everyone has any sort of landscaping to worry about. You may be living in an apartment. You may be living in a town or area where the homes are built much more closely together. Technically – there are solutions for all of these, if you’re someone who is passionate about integrating plant life or other elements into your day-to-day home environment.

Today, we’re going to look at homes. Don’t worry, there are many future posts in this vein. But how do you properly landscape to maximize the following?

  • Curb appeal – Such a subjective term, but it is that way for a reason. Curb appeal can mean a dozen different things to a dozen different people. The RW Steel team will share that proper landscaping is important no matter what – no two ways about it.
  • Sustainability – Whether it’s important to you or not, outfitting your landscaping so that it gives back to you and the community will never do you wrong.
  • Space for events – Maybe you have them on a regular basis and maybe you don’t, but there are fewer worse feelings for party hosts on the day of, to be running around your property and adjusting the space to allow for however many guests are attending (although that number might be fluid right now). If you plan ahead, you’ll immediately avoid this stressor.

Okay. So, those are the reasons that you should be strategic here. But what are the strategy tips?

  • Keep plants and flowers to the perimeter of your garden and take good care of them because they’ll be on view for anyone that’s visiting – no matter what the season.
  • You may not have as much control over this one, but trees… they’re going to provide a lot of shade, so you want to think about where they are and what they’re covering.
  • Wherever you can, face items like sport courts, pools and also – plants – towards the sun, so that you not only maximize the experience, but with plants, you know that they’re getting the right nutrients in the right way.

We know, lot’s more to come. Only an additional good reason to check back in to the RW Steel blog!