February Home News

February Home NewsConstants are rare these days, but not on the RW Steel blog. It’s one of the values that we pride ourselves on as a team and we have no issues reiterating that over and over, no matter whether we sound like a broken record. It would be one thing if we constantly told you something negative and hammered that into your head. Nope, we only like to share the positive. And constants are positive! Like the home news round-ups that we share month after month. Given that it’s February, it’s about that time for a new one and we’re here to help. Read on for what we think will inspire you to get excited about not only taking care of your current home, but maybe looking toward your next dream home:

So, when you’re building your dream home, there are a lot of questions that you may have. We’re guessing that how many dollars are coming out of your savings account is definitely one of them and we fully understand. You don’t build a business like ours with no money in your pocket and you don’t build a home like so many of the beautiful ones you drive by with no money in your pocket. This Irish couple not only knew that before the work started, they also completely understood and more importantly – properly, navigated it. Like us, they wanted to impart the wisdom that they sourced throughout their adventure and they’ve done so in this article. We figured we’d pass on the love. Visit this link for more information.

We won’t lie or try and cover this up, we love a good guilty home show. There are just so many out there right now that it’s tough to choose from. We don’t see that changing any time soon, and you know what? We don’t mind that. It’s great that this is an industry that’s getting some love and it definitely saves us from boredom if we’re sitting on the couch for multiple days on end. (PS – there is no shame in that game). This show is a good one, and in fact – we might have even discussed it on the blog before, but 100 Day Dream Home is coming back for a second season and the hosts – Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt are excited, you can tell. Looking for a day to not think about your upcoming renovation projects? (We get it, but we’re ready for you when you need advice)… this is the perfect escapism to disconnect.

Speaking of, if you’re already a fan of home shows, we’re betting that you love Chip and Joanna Gaines, who are sort of taking over, not only the home renovation show empire, but the lifestyle empire in general. I guess we’re all living on our couches for at least a week, right? Well, they’re tackling what this article calls “their most daunting show” and while that may be the case, we have no idea they can solve it. Here’s the link.

* image source: Osprey Observer