What are Galvanised Steel Posts and Why Are They Important?

Galvanised Steel PostsYou already know that the RWSteel team is the best in the business at cost-efficient retaining walls within the Melbourne area and beyond. It’s the name of the game for us to look at the different tools, materials and processes that evolve on a regular basis, to determine what works the best for our customers. Our customers are the most important part of our business, and we aim daily to think about new and creative ways to step up our services and keep smiles on your faces. That’s part of the reason why we started this blog on our site. We knew that we needed to get the information that meant the most to us, more quickly and efficiently to you. So, consider this blog a great resource for information around our products, our services, our team and the industry at large.

We’re starting with the basics and looking at the different pieces of equipment and tools that we use to make your home safe and comfortable. It’s time to decode. Let’s kick things off with galvanised steel posts:

Galvanised steel posts work in many different areas of the manufacturing industry. Other examples are metal stamping and metal spinning. So, what on earth is it? Galvanised steel is simply standard sheets of steel. But then we take it to the next level – coating them in zinc. This makes them more resistant to corrosion, which can come in all forms. It can be caused by weather, it can be caused by erosion, it can be caused by a lack of maintenance by homeowners over the years of living in your home.

While regular steel can get the job done initially, it will far more quickly see the effects of the aforementioned challenges. You may think that anything related to your retaining walls or even the foundation of your home isn’t a big deal, because you don’t immediately notice the regression in quality. This is one of the most common mistakes that you can make, since the deterioration of quality will ultimate result in failure. Neither retaining walls, nor your foundation, nor any element of your home’s design really, should be taken lightly for this reason.

There are a couple of maintaining tips that you can follow. Experts recommend that you ensure that any metal around your property isn’t exposed to water. You should also coat the steel with a specific barrier. This means that mother nature can’t create any sort of reaction on the iron.

We’ve touted some of the benefits, but also barely scratched the surface (pun intended). While stainless steel by itself is an investment, it adds long-term value to your home and can majorly improve its curb appeal. This is why galvanised steel posts win again. Instead of just investing in the most expensive material, you can treat the steel you do have with one of the previously mentioned barriers.

Far more to come here! Questions? Comments? Feel free to reach out to the team. We would love to start the conversation with you.