Happy Holidays from the RW Steel Team!

Happy Holidays from the RW Steel TeamHad enough of the holiday-centric blog posts on all of your favourite home-specific sites? Sorry to say it (even though we’re really not), but today is not the day that that is going to let up. There are many things that make the RW Steel team the team it is and many things that contribute to our amazing culture. One of these is our love to celebrate. We start itching around October to share content on the blog about a few things – how grateful we are for the previous year, how we’re preparing for the future year and the best ways for you to navigate the upcoming celebrations. In the spirit of wrapping 2020 up with a bow, we’re going to cover all of the above in today’s post. Read on for more information:

Looking Back

What a year! It wasn’t just us; it wasn’t just the industry, it wasn’t even just the country in which we live! It was a truly crazy year all around globally. Remember that little thing called COVID-19? Luckily Australia did its due diligence, putting processes in place early on and limiting the number of those impacted, but we don’t want to dilute or minimize the effect that it still had on families and businesses. Ours included. But we rallied, and we were grateful to continue to reinforce the foundations of your homes, using only the best steel and other materials. Looking back and taking the Coronavirus out of the picture, it was an exciting year of growth. If you’re familiar with our team, you know that we love a challenge. So, we relished every phone call that we received, especially if the property was unique or outside of our comfort zone. 2020, consider yourself defeated.

Looking Ahead

There are still a few weeks left to get your affairs in order and close the books on 2020, but half of the fun is thinking of exciting goals, projects and commitments that you’re going to tackle come January. There are a few of ours that never change: continue to explore sustainability, expand the reach of our services to new areas, acknowledge and celebrate each other and know that there’s no finish line when it comes to customer service. You have been, you are and you will always be our number one priority. The fun part is figuring out how we can elevate the experience that we offer you even further than we currently do.

Celebrating Now

Enough with the planning and enough with the sap – it’s time to think through how you and your loved ones can safely and successfully enjoy the holiday season. We’ll share more posts in the New Year, but here are a few key tips: check out our recent post on prepping your home if you’re going to be traveling, follow all of the tips included, take advantage of technology to tell those closest to you how much you care and find the little things that will make you happy.

Thank you and happy holidays from the RW Steel team.