Hoarding Walls: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

Hoarding Walls What Are They and Why Are They ImportantConstruction work has boomed in recent decades, extending commercial and residential areas for human use, with technological advancements improving the quality and efficiency of construction projects. With so much building activity around us, keeping the public safe even in the busiest cities is crucial.

Hoarding walls serve precisely this purpose: to keep passers-by safe from the possible incidents arising on a construction site and protect them from the noise, dust, and other by-products of construction work. Besides its role in safety, hoarding can also benefit the developers of a construction project. In this post, we examine everything you need to know about hoarding walls.

What is a Hoarding Wall?

A hoarding wall is a board fence commonly placed around construction or repair sites. The term came into use because one of the main benefits of this type of fencing is the provided privacy.

Often, especially with commercial buildings, developers and owners wish to maintain the secrecy of the project until completion. Hoarding walls do just that, keeping prying eyes away from the space they are building.

What Material Are Used for Hoarding Walls?

Hoarding walls can be fabricated out of various materials. Any affordable, workable material that you can place as a boarding fence could be fit for hoarding walls. Hoarding has to be easy to mount and dismount and block the view, as well as flying debris. Some materials that are commonly used for hoarding include:

Timber Hoarding

It’s easy to work with timber, assemble structures out of it and transport them to a new site where they are needed. Hoarding fencing is often made of timber or wood composite boards. It is also an ethically sourced material that can be reused for the same purpose or other projects.

Concrete Hoarding

Concrete slabs are one of the most popular materials for walls and fencing because of their durability. In addition, contractors will use concrete slabs for hoarding because this sturdy material protects the site and the nearby public transit.

Steel Hoarding

Few materials match the strength and durability of steel. Hoarding fencing meant for long-term use is, preferably, low on maintenance and in no need of replacement or repairs any time soon. Galvanised steel posts and fencing might be the best fit for big projects and can even be reused and recycled for future projects.

Hoarding Walls Vs. Retaining Walls

It might seem that hoarding walls and retaining walls serve a similar purpose. However, these two structures perform differently. Retaining walls hold and support a wedge of soil that would naturally be inclined differently. This way, they create more space and control the structure of the land.

Hoarding walls, on the other hand, form a barrier between a construction site and the outside. They block debris but cannot support entire blocks of soil.

Regardless of whether you need galvanised steel posts for hoarding or steel retaining wall posts for your next DIY project, RW Steel is here to meet your needs. We have decades of experience in the industry and can guarantee that the steel we deliver will meet your highest expectations. Contact us today for more information!