Home News for June

Home News for JuneIt’s been a busy month for the construction industry, especially as more and more places of business are once again opening their doors. While we’ve been fortunate to weather the Pandemic in a successful way, many of our industry colleagues have not had the same experience. So, we want to kick off this round-up of home news (some of our favourite posts on the RW Steel blog) with a large “hurrah!” as we inch towards “the new normal”. As we said, these posts are some of our favourite – an opportunity to scratch the itch that is our ongoing desire to always learn and share. Be it an interesting article about the inside of your home or dire advice that you need to understand about your exterior, our team is here for you. Read on for more information:

Federal Tax Credits to Help Build Affordable Housing

It would behove us if we didn’t include a finance-related post or story in each of these because while the ultimate goal is to have you be as excited as possible about your home, there’s no way you can feel this way if you don’t set yourself up for success when preparing. This particular article is a bit of a success story and we hope it’s a case study for housing developments around the world – tax credits to build affordable housing. This can be a tricky topic, but we like how this article takes a good look at the benefits that can emerge, especially right now. Here’s the link for the full article.

Should You Buy a House Even if It Isn’t Your Dream Home?

We’d be interested to get your take on this next article as well – the big question: should you buy a home *even* if it isn’t your dream home. The answer may come to mind faster for some than others, either a resounding “yay” or “nay”. Again, we love commentary that we find on the internet about your property that prompts conversation, and sometimes may even change your mind about an important decision. Our favourite question shared in this article – “do you think that your current home could become your dream home over time?” Take this one very seriously. Think about the tradeoff between saving money for later and perhaps even being able to invest it into enhancements to this “not dream home”. Join the conversation and learn more here.

Have you planted enough seeds in your garden?

For some of us, depending on the weather, getting outside and into your gardens right now just doesn’t sound like much fun. That’s why, whenever we share garden-related posts – which we tend to do since we spend so much time around the exterior of your home! – we want you to plan ahead. In the case of this particular article, we’re not telling you what to plan, we’re talking about when… specifically seeds. The question of the day here is whether you’ve planted enough so that when the next season rolls around and flowers/shrubs start to emerge, you’re always pleasantly surprised. See what you think in the article, found here.