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Home News of MarchThey call it the Ides of March but we call it the ide-as of March on the RW Steel team. We get so excited, when once a month, we get to share what we’re loving best all across the internet. Some of the articles that we find are very specific to the work that we do, reinforcing the foundation of your home. Others speak to the fact that when we reinforce the foundation of your home, we’re taking into account the other elements of your current or future home that you love so much. We’re right there with you and that’s why we create these posts on the RW Steel blog once a month to take a quick, but important look at what’s going on in the industry. It educates us, it educates us and it marries the work that we already do with what we *could* do in the future. Read on and be sure to check out these different articles. Bonus points? Let us know what you think and what areas you’d like to learn more about. As always, you are welcome to give us a call, send us an email or visit us in-person to continue the conversation.

How to Design Your Dream Home

The first couple of sentences of this first article sum it up perfectly – “When you design your own home from the ground up, the sky’s the limit when it comes to design. You get to choose the architectural style, the floor plan, and all the flourishes that make this place uniquely, well, you.” Now, equally as important is the logistics behind ensuring that this a success and that takes a major plan – namely a blueprint. Whether you work with an expert and leave all of the work to them or you’d like to have a more dominant role in the process, you’re going to have to answer tough questions. This is a great article to help with that.

The Pros, Cons, and Costs of Building Your Own House

We’ve talked about this before, but it bears reminding. To build your own home from scratch or move into an existing home and tackle any sort of updates that you can make… on your own timeframe. Unless you have a perfect plan in mind, the process of building your own home can be daunting – that is, if you’re not working with a team or company that has a lot of prolific experience in this space. That’s not that hard to discern, it just means that you need to do a lot of research. Articles like this are a great help. Visit the link to decide whether building your own home is really the best choice for you and your household.

How to Prepare for the Severe Weather

We are seeing dozens and dozens of examples across the globe of where Mother Nature says, “nope! I think I will cause a ruckus today.” Sometimes, there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. But sometimes there is. How to prepare for severe weather is the theme of this article and even we learned a thing or two. We recommend that you check it out as well.

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