Home News for the Month of May

Home News for the Month of MayYour home is probably one of the most important assets that you have right now. You may live in a very small space or one that’s far more extensive than you ever assumed. Either way or anything in between means that you probably put a lot of love and effort towards what must have been a labour of love. It’s tough and crazy to determine which of the sources that you find on the internet are correct; it’s tough and difficult to discern if the articles that you’re reading and the experts that you’re following are sharing the right information that you need without draining your pocketbook or stressing you out any more than you need to be. We know that the RW Steel team doesn’t give you good cause right off the bat to believe that we’re different from the other outlets where you find news, but we are committed to sharing articles on our site that we find from around the Web and truly believe in. Steel? Yes. Your foundation? Absolutely? Landscaping? No problem. But beyond that, we share information that touches every piece of your current or future dream home. We hope that it engages, entertains and inspires you. Check out the links below for our “best of May”.

Can Home Building Lead Way in Economic Recovery?

There’s no better way to start off an article like this than by being inspired by home construction groups who are paving the way for the next generation of those that are gearing up to build our homes and businesses. Yes, the landscape (pun intended) looks a little bit different right now, but that’s all the most reason why businesses like The National Association of Home Builders is looking at those who may have a more difficult time finding work right now, no matter where they live. Read this link for more information.

Business Ramps up as More Landscapers Go Back to Work

It would appear that we’ve flattened the curve around the globe when it comes to COVID-19 and we know that there are dozens of professions and industries who are ready to get back to work. Landscaping is surely an important one. We believe strongly in successful landscaping schemes, especially leveraging our retaining walls if you live on terrain that may not be that even. Total Landscape Care tells us exactly what we probably already assumed – that business is ramping up (around the world) as gardeners, landscapers, contractors, what have you – are heading back to work. Want to learn more? Check out this article.

How to Upgrade Your Home Office

And as always, as experts on the outside and inside of your homes, we had to take a gander as to what’s going on inside front doors around this time. While we’re sharing the stories of those who need to leave their homes to go back to the workplace, there are still many more who are working from home and still learning to acclimate to it. We’re talking about the home office and this article has an abundance of ideas to make it a place to look forward to visiting.