Home News for November

Home News for NovemberThere are few better ways to improve upon your own business than learning about others. For some, it may seem counterintuitive. Shouldn’t you be focusing on your own business and isn’t it a waste of time to look at others versus yourself? Here at RW Steel, we will always argue that’s not the case. We have nothing but the utmost respect for each and every company that touches a home in any way, we wouldn’t be the best of the best when it comes to reinforcing the structure of your home without them! While we won’t go as far as ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’, we will fully support every win that we see and determining how we can incorporate these best practices into future jobs that we help our current and prospective customers with. We’ll take that one step further and share that we just love learning about the home industry at large. And once a month, for our new blog visitors, we love to showcase everything that we’ve recently learned. Here is the best of the best for this month:

How to Build a Home Fitness Studio

When you’re thinking about building a home, especially if you’re seriously looking at building one from scratch, you’re probably thinking about which rooms and for what purpose you’ll need to factor into the design. Sure, you have your bedrooms, your bathroom(s), a kitchen, etc., but if you have the means, you may be thinking about recreational spaces for your passions as well. More and more, that means a fitness space or studio for you or your loved ones. Fitness spaces aren’t just a room, they’re a way for exercise enthusiasts to escape and they need to be designed with that in mind. This article has some great tips on the best ways to either shift spaces you already have in your home or build an entirely new space. Check out this link for more information.

Benefits of Building a Green Home

These articles are becoming more common on the internet, but they’re also becoming more prevalent, more important. We’re talking about green building. You save money, you feel better about yourself, and most importantly – you save the environment, bit by bit. To quote this article, “A green home is an eco-friendly building. It’s constructed using environmentally friendly materials and resource-efficient processes. Green homes have recorded an uptick in popularity due to the many benefits they have over the conventional ones.” Visit the article to learn about the importance of building green and the small and easy changes that you can make over time to contribute.

How to Prepare for a Home Insurance Inspection

There are oh so many stressful components to keeping up a home, whether you’re looking at a brand-new plot of land or it’s a small home renovation that you keep meaning to take care of. It’s vital to do your due diligence no matter what the project is and an important part of that is insurance home inspections. Don’t be scared, that’s the first step. While they can be irritating in the moment, they’ll be well worth it in the long run. Here’s a helpful guide for navigation.