How to Build a Wooden Fence with Steel Supports

Keen gardeners tend to match like with like, preferring a natural order to their outdoor spaces. So, the idea of building a wooden fence that is supported by galvanized steel posts probably horrifies the most enthusiastic landscapers. However, there are several advantages to using galvanized steel posts, and the result may be easier on the eye than you ever imagined.

The notion of galvanized steel fencing evokes mental images of industrial-type chain link railings that have no place in a tranquil garden setting. Recently though, a new trend is emerging amongst home improvement devotees of using galvanized steel posts to bolster wooden fences.

Why Are Galvanized Steel Posts Better Than Wood?

Put simply, galvanized steel posts are a lot stronger, and they last much longer. Steel is galvanized by coating it in a layer of zinc, which is extremely durable and corrosion resistant. This means that galvanized steel posts do not rust and can withstand harsh elemental forces such as high winds and rain. On the other hand, wood is prone to rot over time and can be weakened substantially by weather damage. Along with this, metal supports require less maintenance and treatment than wooden posts.

Are Galvanized Steel Posts More Expensive Than Wooden Posts?

Yes. Initially, there is a larger outlay when you opt for galvanized steel over wood. However, given the added longevity of galvanized steel posts, along with the fact that they offer more protection to the fence, galvanized steel will actually save you money in the long run. Your fence will last longer and require less maintenance and repair, saving you time and money.

Building an Attractive Wooden Fence with Steel Supports

Ok, so initially the fence may not look the prettiest, but there are ways to disguise and spruce up the posts so that they are not as obvious. One option is to use specially shaped galvanized steel posts that are hidden between and behind fence panels. This camouflages the steel, meaning all you see in the end is lovely, natural wood.

Another alternative is to paint the galvanized steel posts. There are a range of colour options available, meaning you can decorate your fence to suit your own taste. Black is a popular option that offers a sophisticated contrast against the natural wood panels.

Painting the posts is a fantastic choice as it offers the opportunity to match the fence to other elements of the garden, so you can incorporate it into any themes or colour schemes while retaining the overall natural wood finish of the fence.


Before erecting your wooden fence with galvanized steel supports, there are some factors to consider. The most obvious is to discuss your plans with any neighbour who will be affected by the fence. It’s also worth checking the boundary lines to ensure that your fence won’t be infringing on any neighbouring properties.

When digging holes for galvanized metal posts, you should always check for service cables first. Cable avoidance tools are available to rent from most tool hire suppliers which help you check for underground cables or pipes before you start disturbing the soil.  If there are cables present which prevent you from digging, you may be able to get special fence post holders that sit on the surface and are secured to the ground.

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