January 2022 Home News

Welcome to 2022! While there were both good and bad components to the previous year, the RW Steel team is only looking forward. We’re so grateful to everyone both inside and outside of the company that allowed us to ring in this next year successfully and we’re equally as grateful for the itch of improvement and progress that we never can seem to properly scratch. And we’re okay with that. Success as the best in the business when it comes to the structure of your home to us means that we’ll never stop growing and changing. And the start of a new year is the best time to remind us of that. So, let’s learn, let’s grow, let’s improve and let’s connect during 2022. Here are some of our favourite motivators even this early in the game:

The Average Cost of Home Repairs Will Be Higher Next Year

One of the things that we pride ourselves most on is our transparency. And that means that it won’t always be sunshine and rainbows when we give you advice on your dream home – current or future. We tell you the truth. And if there are challenges involved, then we help you find the solutions. Finances is one of these sticky areas and always will be. And costs are going up this year – for a multitude of reasons. The key here is not to be stressed early on, rather to think through proper planning and what projects need to be done now versus what can be done later. That’s one piece of the puzzle, but the other is, ‘what should I budget?’ Here’s where this article comes in. Read on for more information.

5 Best Homeowners Insurance Companies & Insurance Brokers Of 2022

While this isn’t the end-all-be-all and is specific to the United States, it was an interesting read for our team and a reminder for one of the components that many of us forget about when we’re navigating homeownership and renter-ship – insurance. These were defined as some of the best companies. What you should look for here is the common denominators: what were the key factors and components that made these the best of the best and what are you really looking for in a company that will ensure you and your household are set up for success, no matter what may happen.

The Steel House Saga

And we’d be beyond remiss if we didn’t not only include this article but also close out our home news with it. Welcome to one of the most unique and talked about steel structures out in the world right now. It can be found in Texas and is as much of a sculpture as a home. It’s got history. As quoted in this article,For decades, the edifice, also known as the Steel House, has been a part of Lubbock folklore, a local curiosity that students at Texas Tech University learn about through word of mouth and make short pilgrimages to see…It’s instantly recognizable: a gravity-defying, rusted, bulbous steel pod on four legs that’s served as the backdrop for a Vogue fashion shoot as well as a music video by Solange. Perched on a hillside, the structure has been compared to a pachyderm, the hull of a spaceship, and, in the words of Dallas Morning News architecture critic Mark Lamster, “the kind of house a James Bond villain might occupy.”