Keeping Young Kids Safe at Home

Keeping Young Kids Safe at HomeMany of us are seeing a lot more of our children these days – either working for home or even educating them at home. Don’t get us wrong – the RW Steel team relish time spent with loved ones, it’s one of our core values as a team and as a company. That said, with love frequently comes worry, and that’s never been more apparent as situations when you need to monitor your younger children at home. We’re a company that’s passionate about reinforcing the structure of your home, so we know a thing or two about the processes and materials that lead us to success, as well as the lessons learned and things we try to avoid. Today, we’re looking at your house as a whole and diving into the best (and sometimes the easiest) ways to keep young kids safe at home:

Cover all electric outlets and unplug items whenever you can. You hear about this for newborns, infants and toddlers – especially as they’re learning to crawl around, but it’s a smart practice for kids of every age. They’re curious by nature. The second they know and understand how power works, many are bound to want to explore further, and that can lead to dangerous behaviors. Depending on age, you may need more enhanced safety measures. The tape is fine for the youngest set but look into childproof plastic covers for those that are older. Unplugging your devices is just a smart practice all around. You’ll never leave something on by accident, potentially causing a fire, and you’ll save power.

Set up designated rooms or areas for them to explore and play. Bonus points if one of these is outside, especially with the weather being so nice. Children appreciate space and privacy, and you’ll have to clean up far less (although, hopefully, they’re cleaning up after themselves), should they have an area that they can call their own. Set ground rules for this space, but allow them the freedom to be creative with their activities. They’ll look forward to personalizing it, and it will hopefully keep them occupied when you most need to be busy.

Provide quick and easy access to healthy food. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been known to snack throughout the day, and working from home has amplified this habit for many. This can be a gateway to constant eating and can mess up your entire schedule for your family. That’s all well and good, but if children are hungry and left unattended, they’ll immediately visit the kitchen and eat what they will. If you set up snack stations – perhaps even in their designated “hangout” spot, they’ll get used to certain amounts of food each day in between planned meals, and hopefully make smarter eating choices long-term.

Honestly, there’s no rule book for success with the whole family at home, but the RW Steel team hopes that these can serve as a jumping-off point for a good discussion about how to handle your days successfully.