What is Landscape Edging and What to Use for It?

What is Landscape Edging and What to Use for It?When it comes to landscaping or designing an outdoor space, one of the most common challenges that homeowners face is being unable to create a clear demarcation between different areas or zones. Without clear borders between the spaces in an outdoor space, it can be easy for everything to start blending together and looking messy. In this post, we take a closer look at what landscape edging is and how you can incorporate it into your next landscaping project for a more visually appealing outcome.

What is Edging in Landscaping?

In landscaping, the term edging refers to the practice of creating a clearly defined boundary or border between two or more different zones within the garden or outdoor space. This is done for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Some of the many benefits that edging can have for your landscape include:

Visual Appeal

By having a clear visual border between the different zones of your garden or landscape, you can improve its overall appearance. The clean lines and well-defined spaces can add a sense of neatness and organisation to a space that might otherwise feel cluttered or messy.

Weed Control

By having the different zones in your landscape separated, you also ensure that any weeds which might be growing in one area aren’t able to move into other areas easily. This can be beneficial, especially if you want to have flower beds or vegetable patches in your garden and want to minimise the negative impact that weeds might have on them.

What is the Best Material for Landscape Edging?

When it comes to landscape edging, there are many different materials that you can choose from, such as timber and plastic. However, compared to these other materials, steel is often one of the best options that you will have. This is because of the many advantages of steel, including:


Compared to most other materials, steel is significantly more durable. This means that it will be able to withstand much more pressure without being damaged and will also last longer without requiring repairs or replacements compared to other materials.

Modern Design

Steel is also very versatile and has great design potential. With steel, you can achieve a modern aesthetic in your garden with clean lines and a contemporary garden design. Moreover, steel structures tend to be highly customisable in terms of height and width, so you can adjust the size of your structure depending on your needs.


If you live in a climate with especially harsh weather conditions, steel is exceptionally suitable for your landscaping needs because it is incredibly weather-resistant and able to withstand many different types of bad weather.

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Image Source: Gardenista