Navigating COVID-19 and Your Home

Navigating COVID-19 Your Home Welcome back to the RW Steel blog! We’d be remiss if we a: didn’t check in with our current community of customers and our prospective ones about your families and general health. General health is a broad term for a reason. You’d most likely be living under a rock at this point if you don’t know exactly what COVID-19 is. With it, comes an abundance of recommendations and guidelines about how to live your day-to-day life. While our business is most prolific in reinforcing the foundation of your home or business, we’re the best at what we do, because we not only care about every piece of your home but every person who resides in it as well. This blog is just one ingredient in the recipe for calm and forward movement in these unprecedented times. Today, we’re stepping away from your foundations and looking at the best ways to take care of your home and your loved ones in the weeks to come.

First of all, as difficult as it might be to hear, remain calm. We live in the information age and that means that Websites sourced from all over the world will share different information about tips and tricks and the different things you should be doing right now. Find your own local and national, objective, sources of information and make a point to check them on a regular basis. It will put you at ease, ensure that you can answer questions for your loved ones, and put guardrails up so that you don’t go into an “Internet Spiral” checking out more and more obtuse sources.

There are general cleaning guidelines for each other and for residences that are universal and nobody should fight them. As we said, we’re very passionate about ensuring that your dream home’s foundation is properly reinforced. That’s on us. Taking care of your home is up to you. Make sure that all surfaces are disinfected, make sure that you’re washing your hands (20 seconds is the recommendation – if this seems difficult, think of the spiciest food you’ve eaten in recent history and how long that took you to wash off the aroma or feel), and spend time away from each other. Six feet is the generally advocated distance and it’s for good reason. Luckily, we live in an age with an abundance of technology and creativity, so it shouldn’t take you long to learn how to interact with each other inside the home while maintaining a safe distance. Remember the days when you wanted to be rooms away from your sibling, parents or roommate? You now have a built-in excuse.

We mentioned the word “unprecedented” previously and we’ll reiterate it again. You’re going to have a lot of questions over the coming weeks, maybe even months. The RW Steel team is here to answer any that you may have, regardless of whether they’re particular to our business or not. We have your back and we know that there are lots of exciting times for you, our business and your homes in the year ahead.