Planning for the Second Half of the Year

Planning For the Second Half of the Year - retaining wall steel victoriaThe team at RWSteel loves to care for your home. It’s why we’re committed to supplying you with the best retaining wall steel posts that protect your property. But the blog of RWSteel goes far beyond the basic services and products that we offer. And when we say *basic*, we mean that they’re easy to care for and install. They remain premium as far as the quality and customer service throughout installation. It’s really important for the team at RWSteel to not see our customers as just customers. Instead, we see you as partners-in-crime, committed to supporting each other far beyond the completion of any job. We’ve shared this before, but it bears reiteration – this means that you can reach out to us at any time, no matter what your question may be.

A big part of the blog and the stories that we want to share – is trends. We’re halfway through the year, things are just beginning to warm up and the information that we’ve learned is hotter than ever. There are 2019 trends, and there are just plain best practices, as you get ready for months June through December. We’ll cover both in future posts on the blog. Read on for more information:

First up – best practices. It’s getting warmer and there are certain ways that you can prepare your home for the weather:

  • Check out your air conditioner. It’s the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) superhero of the heat. During the winter months it goes unnoticed, so make sure that it turns out properly and that it doesn’t need any maintenance. Also, keep an eye on your energy bills. That can be an immediate sign that it’s not working well.
  • Clean both your screens and your windows. Let’s face it – we tend to keep both closed more often than not, when it’s cold and wet outside. It’s simply not as much of a priority when the temperatures are sinking. Now it’s time to throw both wide open and get as much Vitamin D as you can. There are an abundance of offerings when it comes to cleaning supplies – both natural and successful – so ask the experts and do your homework.
  • Confirm that your foundation is in aok shape. Yes, we’re a wee bit biased here, but too many of our prospective customers are missing this step at least once a year. If you see cracks in walls or floors, or your doors don’t swing open and shut properly, if might mean that there are issues with the reinforcement of your foundation. This is the very best time to reach out to the RWSteel team, where you know that we don’t play around with decisions so important.
  • Ensure that your plumbing (outdoor) is ready to go. There are fewer things better than running through water outside on a hot day. Second may be that shower after a day at the beach. That’s only possible when your hoses and outdoor plumbing have been checked.

Reach out to RWSteel with any questions.