Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

Preparing Your Home for the HolidaysThe holidays look a little bit different in the southern hemisphere. We don’t wait up for the first snowfall or pile on all of the warmest clothes that we have deep within our closets. In fact, we do quite the opposite. We turn up any sort of cooling devices that we have, fold away said sweaters with pride and get ready to embrace all of the sun and vitamin D that we possibly can. The RW Steel team loves every season that we get to work with each other and with our customers. Some are easier than others, some are more prolific than others. We’re going to venture a guess that 2020 will be an anomaly for how we celebrate different things – the holidays included. But constants are key! (That’s our mantra anyways). Our business if your home and your home needs to not only be ready for every season, but for every situation. Far in advance of this years’ holiday season, here are some nuggets of expertise from the RW Steel team:

  1. Know who is coming and when. Seems like an odd and perhaps obvious tip to start with, doesn’t it? Well, we know that anything related to your home AND separately related to holidays can be very stressful. We can make the assumption that every home’s holiday celebration looks completely different, but you might have a jam-packed schedule to keep track of. If you have one single-source-of-truth document about who is visiting and when, you’ll be able to track what needs to be taken care of for whose preferences.
  2. Do your seasonal walk around the property. Again, we don’t have to deal with a lot of the quintessential to-dos for the holidays, but every season should be a good checkpoint for your home, especially your foundation. All it takes is a studied walk around the perimeter of your home, a look at any crawl spaces or basements that you have and a keen eye about the ongoing signs of potential foundation damage that you should keep on your mind, so you can get well ahead of them before hosting anyone (whether you like them or not).
  3. Stock up. There’s a stocking joke here, but we’ll let you groan and move on. When we say stock up, it can mean an abundance of different things. Yes, there are the planned get-togethers, be it with family or friends; those you know exactly what you’ll need. Okay, now double it. Or, at least, 1.5x it. Then think about the spontaneous gatherings and also the unrequested houseguests who may be showing up whether you like it or not. It will soon be the season to welcome all, might as well have all of the niceties to encourage attendees and houseguests to appreciate you all the more.

We still have time to go, and you better believe there will be more holiday-centric posts coming your way. But is it *really* ever too early to begin?