The Roles that Steel Plays in Your Lives

The Roles Steel Plays in Your LivesWhen the word “steel” is half of your company’s title, you can probably assume that we’re big fans of the material. We’re familiar with its past, its present and its future. We’re fans of all of the above and we share all of this information right here on the RW Steel blog. There’s a lot going on in the world right now, but some things never seem to change. It’s nice to rely on consistency and routine and steel definitely falls into both of those categories – it always will. While the process of reinforcing the foundation of your home and building it to be the strongest house it can be isn’t exactly the same right now, this blog is. And today, we’re looking at the sneaky ways that steel sneaks into your home and daily lives. Read on for more information:

We have to start with your home. Some of you may not be familiar with exactly what RW Steel does, so we should probably begin with the basics. We’re Melbourne’s best retaining wall steel beam supplier, servicing surrounding neighbourhoods for many of the past years. Thanks to experience, stories, lessons and learnings, we’re your best choice for all retaining wall solutions and cost-effective galvanized steel posts. Galvanised steel retaining wall posts are the best and strongest in the business, and thanks to them, you can rest easy, knowing that your home is well fortified. Steel frames can truly be seen throughout the home, often referred to when discussing a building technique called a “skeleton frame”. A skeleton frame is made up of horizontal I-beams and vertical steel columns which help support all of the design components of the house. It’s a popular material for these uses because it’s good for the environment, fast, adaptable and resistant to many things that Mother Nature can throw our way like earthquakes.

Steel can also be found in a lot of fixtures like your kitchen stove or a fireplace, they’ve been popular for hundreds of years and architects don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soon. Just know that when you deal with steel for interior fixtures, they’re going to be durable – yes, but they’ll also be very sturdy and heavy, so they are a decorative commitment.

That’s just inside the home. Outside (and perhaps underneath your house) are frequently retaining walls, often built with steel. Unfamiliar with retaining walls? We call them unsung heroes because they’re simple but effective ways to level off properties that may be built on several different terrains or altitudes. They’re great for helping to design your landscaping as well (think about separating gardening beds).

In general, steel plays a prominent role in our lives but it also plays a growing role in our lives. And that’s important to think about. What will the future of our homes and businesses look like and where will steel factor in? We know that the team at RW Steel will be keeping a solid pulse and updating you with everything that we know.