Rooms Where Structural Damage Matters the Most

Rooms Where Structural Damage Matters the MostThe RW Steel team is focused on ensuring that your home is structurally sound, and we’ve seen it all… literally. Try us and come up with a challenge that we haven’t seen or can’t solve. Because of this, we have all sorts of knowledge that you wouldn’t dream of knowing, including how to solve different problems in different rooms.

If you’ve read this blog before, you know the basics and the warning signs to look for – cracked walls and ceilings, water damage, slanted floors – but what rooms do each pertain to best? Don’t worry, we can help with that. Let’s break it down by room:

Your bedroom – High sensitivity, mostly because you sleep there, and we spend at least half of our lives sleeping (although it may not feel like that sometimes). Here is a good place to look for the above signs and reach out immediately, even if you only see one. We in no uncertain terms do not want to see a crack in your ceiling in your bedroom, regardless of the size of your home and where the rooms lie.

Your bathroom – Ah, moisture. One of our least favourite but most commonly heard words in the industry. All we can say is – and repeat it with us – ventilate, ventilate, ventilate. It doesn’t seem like something you need to do after washing your face, taking a shower, or even brushing your teeth, but excess moisture is the quickest way to create structural damage because it weakens the beams and foundation of your home. If you scroll down or just search through the RW Steel blog, you’ll notice that this is a topic that we’re especially passionate about.

Your kitchen – A little bit of a combination of both of the above here, but the tricky part is that this is a space that’s both social and functional. After all, you probably want to cook your own dinner at the end of the evening, even if you’re not catering for many. The tip we’ll give here is to roll that ball from one of the spaces to the other. Depending on what architectural style of home you have, there’s a good chance that it’s on a lower floor and that’s closest to your foundation and literally, the foundational damage that can be caused if not properly looked out for.

The garage – This is an area that many overlook. You throw boxes in there; you may park a car or two in there; you may not even have a garage. But if you do, it’s the same situation as above; roll a ball down the middle, definitely ensure there are no cracks on the ceiling because that will impact all rooms above and moisture can easily gather here, especially during certain months.

There is a common denominator and that’s the opportunity to reach out to RW Steel. We’ve seen it all, we’ll do it all, and we’ll do it fast and at the right price.