Seasonal Steel Maintenance for Outdoor Steel Structures

Seasonal Steel Maintenance for Outdoor Steel Structures

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Steel is one of the most popular materials not just for building and construction but also for fabricating outdoor structures. This is because of the weather-resistant nature of steel as well as its durability. However, to ensure that your steel outdoor structures maintain their strength and visual appeal over time, it is important for you to maintain them regularly. In this post, we take a closer look at some of the seasonal maintenance measures that you can take to keep your outdoor steel structures looking great throughout the year.

Spring Maintenance

As winter ends, spring brings with it warmer temperatures and better weather for spending your days outside. When cleaning your steel outdoor structures, such as benches and fences, at the start of spring, it can be a good idea to start with a pressure wash to get rid of grime or stubborn dirt that might have built up over the winter months. Ensure that you do an inspection to see if your steel structures were damaged during the winter as well, and touch up any chipped paint or repaint any rusted portions of the steel.

Summer Maintenance

As the sun comes out in summer, it is important for you to protect your steel structures from sun damage. Prolonged UV radiation can cause steel to heat up and expand, potentially affecting its structural integrity over time. Thus, apply UV-resistant coatings to prevent your steel structures from getting damaged by the heat and tighten any bolts of fasteners that might be loosened by the temperature fluctuations in the day.

Autumn Maintenance

In Autumn, the days start to get colder, and if you live in a country like Australia, they can also start getting much wetter. With higher levels of humidity in the air, rust becomes a more pressing concern, especially for outdoor steel structures that aren’t made of galvanised steel or other rust and corrosion-resistant types of steel. Consider applying a fresh coat of paint or a layer of rust-resistant coating to help protect your outdoor steel structures.

Winter Maintenance

Harsh winter conditions can really put your outdoor steel structures to the test. Whether it be snow and ice or heavy and frequent rains, the elements can cause your steel structures to corrode over time. If you’re not using your outdoor steel structures in the winter months, consider protecting them with a layer of plastic covering or a tarp until the weather becomes less harsh in spring again.

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