Setting Your Home up for Success in 2020

Setting Your Home up for Success in 2020It’s a brand-new year and every part of your life should have a clean slate. Sure, you might have made resolutions for yourself. You might have decided that you wanted to eat more healthily. You might have decided that you want to exercise more or try a new sport. You may have made the claim that you’ll learn a new instrument, that you’ll travel the globe, that you’ll mend an old friendship or that you’ll create a new one. That’s the great thing about resolutions; they can be absolutely anything that you want them to be.

The holidays can be a time of reflection and at RW Steel, we did a lot of that. We thought about what went well, where there are opportunities for growth and what we’re sure we don’t want to do ever again. Don’t worry, that last item had a very short list, thanks to the prolific and impressive efforts of our team when it came to your homes. And your homes is exactly what we want to focus on in today’s post. How come we get all of the fun when it comes to resolutions and our homes get no love? Well, that’s about to change. Here is a list of recommended resolutions that are specific to the roof over your head and the floor beneath your feet:

  • Touch up paint that looks outdated. It doesn’t even need to be a touch up; you can try a whole different colour. We may be biased working in this industry, but we find painting to have many benefits, even being therapeutic for some or a bonding activity for others. It’s a quick and easy project (as long as you do it right) and you’ll be immensely glad that you crossed it off of the list.
  • Do a deep clean and get rid of items that no longer have value to you. We’re going in the Marie Kondo route and recommending that if you can’t find significant meaning related to an item, it’s probably time to bid it goodbye. That doesn’t mean that you need to throw it in the trash; instead, you can donate it or give it to a loved one that will appreciate it more. This will free up space within your home and as a byproduct, (scientifically proven) limit your current stress levels.
  • Budget for the entire year and set aside just a little bit more money than you have in the past. While you may think this simply is good advice in the finance realm, an account or balance specific to where you live can have even more value. Many laugh off “rainy day funds” because they think they’ll never need them, but your home can become a money pit and a strain immediately if you’re not thinking through how to pay for those emergencies that come out of nowhere. Here are some great apps to help you save.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to have a great start to the year.