Steel Windows and Doors: Combining Strength and Elegance

Steel Windows and Doors Combining Strength and EleganceSteel has gained significantly in popularity as a building and construction material in recent years. More and more homeowners are choosing to build steel-framed homes to enjoy the many advantages that steel can bring. Nonetheless, even if you opt for a more traditional timber-framed design, you can still incorporate steel elements into your home’s design. In this post, we take a look at how steel windows and doors might be just the thing for your modern home.

Advantages of Steel Windows and Doors

There are many advantages to using steel windows and doors, including:


Steel is one of the strongest and most durable building materials on the market. Using steel as the material for your windows and doors can enable you to maximise their lifespans. Steel will also increase the resistance of your home to the elements. Your windows and doors will be less easily damaged when they face extreme weather conditions or impacts from outside.

Furthermore, unwanted intruders will also find it harder to break into your home when you have steel windows and doors installed. This can help you increase the safety of your home and enable you to protect yourself and your loved ones better.

Natural Light

With steel windows, you can increase the amount of natural light that enters your home. This is because steel window frames typically have a much slimmer profile compared to their timber counterparts. In addition, their stronger load-bearing capabilities mean that they can hold much larger window panes unbroken by support frames. This makes steel windows ideal for spaces such as your living room, where you might want to have more natural light or to have a picture window.

Care and Maintenance

As with all windows and doors, steel windows and doors require regular care and maintenance to maximise their lifespans. However, compared to timber windows and doors, the care and maintenance required for steel are much less rigorous. For steel windows and doors, all you need to do is to wipe them down once or twice a month and check them for any damage.

Inspecting for damage is especially important for galvanised steel, which is more prone to damage if the zinc layer has worn off and the underlying steel is exposed. If this happens, simply apply a layer of galvanising paint or a similar protective coating to the steel. Unlike timber, steel does not rot or experience termite infestations, so you will never need to worry about calling pest control.

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Image Source: Steel Window Institute