Storage Around Your Home In 2021

Storage Around Your HomeStorage can be a major pain. It doesn’t matter if it’s a giant pair of skis, or if it’s small boxes of objects that have heavy sentimental value to you. You may be moving into a brand-new home, or you may be navigating a home that’s been yours for decades… it doesn’t stop you from sighing when you know that storage is going to be something that you’re going to have to factor into your planning.

The RW Steel team focuses on reinforcing the foundation of your home, but as we plan to do so, it means that we become very comfortable and familiar with all of the excess materials and belongings that you’ll need to think about as you design your dream home. Don’t fret, we’ve seen pretty much every type of property in our lifetime and that means that we know exactly how and where to store what’s important to you. We know that emotional importance and financial importance are in parallel and have thought through solutions that help support both. Here are some of the most successful that we’ve applauded as we reinforce the foundations of different styles of homes (be it architectural or age). Read on for more information:

Let’s start with one that we’ve seen most frequently – building vertically. You don’t want to add on additional mud rooms, or even take advantage of rooms like your basement or attic. Instead, look at the available wall space in existing entry areas, or indeed any room. It really just depends on what you’re wanting to store, but we’re sure that in this day and age, all of the retailers that we work with have successful solutions for where and how to hang the items that are taking up far too much space somewhere else.

The next is really thinking through the spaces in your home that are going unused. Do you have certain spaces that when you moved in, you wondered about how to use? Totally normal, and not something that you should rush. That said, over time, as you become comfortable and familiar with your new home, you’re probably thinking, “how on earth am I going to use that space?” Well – we’re thinking that it’s the perfect area for storage, depending on what sort of items you think need to be taken care of there. An item of note here – don’t rush. You do not need to immediately identify every square of the home and assign it different items that are taking up space that you’d like to design.

Finally, think small. We love this article because it covers off quick and easy fixes to design easy home storage solutions. Our common theme today – they never need to be expensive and they never need to be time-consuming to install. All they need to be is a way to get your items (important and not) off of the ground, out of the way of main traffic and in places where you’ll be able to easily access and appreciate them.