How Many Storeys Does Your Home Really Need?

How Many Storeys Does Your Home Really NeedWe reinforce the foundations of your home – that should be a well-documented fact on the RW Steel site and definitely something that we share over and over again in our blog posts. Call it pride, call it awareness, call it a reminder of the services that you may need, whether you’re living in a brand-new home or one that has seen a lot of loving years. We also regularly share our enthusiasm for how we’ve built up our arsenal of knowledge over the time that we’ve been in the industry, reinforcing that the only way to be the best at what you love is to keep learning and growing. Our blog post topics range far and wide, but today’s really does have to do with the structural integrity of your home, specifically – how many floors make the most sense for you.

Spoiler alert… there’s no correct answer. That said, there are a lot of parameters and best practices that we did want to share. Read on for more information:

Make sure that your home design is properly weightbearing

This can be a tricky one, especially if you particularly love aesthetic elements of your home, but it’s the first reason that we get calls from current and prospective customers. You want to build up and up and up, but your foundation simply can’t handle that much weight. We won’t say that it’s an easy fix, but it’s certainly a possible one. (That is, when you work with the right people).

Do your homework as far as where and how you can build on your property

We know, once you sign on the dotted line, you probably think that all of the land is yours. Well… yes, and no. Yes, in the sense that it is your land (which comes with all of the fun taxes and rules and regulations). But even more annoying, is the fact that you (depending on where you live), frequently have to contend with all sorts of councils and neighbourhood organizations, that can tell you exactly how far outside of your current home’s perimeter you can expand and build. Make sure that you listen to these conversations. Believe us, the flip side and fines associated are simply not worth it.

Plan ahead, especially if you’re in the early stages of buying a home

First of all, have some fun with this process. This is a big deal – you’re entering the next chapter of your life and you’re doing so with an exciting milestone. Just remember, if could be the first of many. Maybe you’ll grow a family and maybe you won’t, either way – make sure you’re set up for success in the event that you do want to add children (or pets) down the line. That means that if the home(s) you’re looking at can’t accommodate future bedrooms, you’ll want to follow steps one and two in advance of any building (and check your budget while you’re at it).

Questions? The RW Steel team is always here to help.