Taking Care of Your Neighbours

Taking Care of Your NeighboursCall us softies, but our posts on the RW Steel blog this month definitely take into account how much we value care and compassion throughout our communities. We’re not just talking about our family and friends; we’re thinking through everyone that we run into from start of day to end, and the right and respectful ways to ensure that everyone has a good and successful day.

Neighbours can be tricky. We’ve all seen all of the different movies where streets of those who live side by side have decided that they simply can’t get along. While we know that there are totally valid reasons for neighbours not to get along, there are also a plethora of ways to take care of each other – and that’s what the RW Steel team would like to focus on today. Let’s be honest, being kind to your adjacent homeowners or renters will only benefit you in the long run, something that we’ll always support. And it just takes a little bit of effort! Read on for some of our favourite tips:

  • Always say hello. Some of our tips are the most obvious, but they’re the ones that everyone forgets about the fastest. You may have the grumpiest group of neighbours, but if you take the two minutes when you run into them to offer salutations and see how their days are going, you probably have no idea what a positive impact that can have on them over time.
  • Create community. Some areas where we live already have built in groups like Home Owners Associations, and these can be great tools to know exactly who lives around you. If you don’t have one already in place, you can easily start one, which again can be a very valuable tool. When you have a centralized group like this, you’ll all be in the know about big decisions like additions to the neighbourhood, as well as a direct line to everyone – offering a better sense of safety and security.
  • Give and take. Don’t look at being nice to your neighbours as a one-way street (yes, pun intended). We’re not encouraging you to be selfish, but most philosophers throughout time have professed that any good energy you put out into the world will inevitably come back to you. That means that those small amounts of energy that you had to put into the daily greetings, will probably return to you in any sort of form – an egg when you need it for a recipe, or someone to watch your kids or pets when you’re in a bind. Never assume this, but know that if you treat others with respect, they’ll most likely do the same.

One unlikely benefit from all of the above? When you’re nice to your neighbours, you create a snowball effect of turning your good neighbourhood into a great one – propelling even the value of your homes.