Traveling? Here’s What You Need to Do for Your Home

TravelingWe’re pretty sure that if we asked you, our RW Steel blog readers would say that there’s no poor time for a trip or a vacation. In fact, half the time when you return from a vacation, you’re probably already preparing for the next one.

The holiday season is one of the most popular times throughout the year to take off – there’s no doubt about that. And if we know that, and you know that, it means that less savory characters know that as well.

We don’t share that to alarm you. Rather, as a part of our ongoing commitment to provide transparency and the tools to ensure that you’re confident homeowners or renters. Even if you’ve only visited the RW Steel blog once or twice, this theme should be apparent right away. We like to inform, we like to engage and it’s a bonus if we’re able to entertain. Today, we’re zeroing in on some valuable advice that you should keep in your back pocket if you’re planning any future travel.

As probably assumed, our tips and tricks focus on your home. It’s one of your greatest investments and it’s where prowlers and intruders immediately focus the second that you’ve left your home.

Some of our tips should be obvious:

  • Lock all doors and windows. Being obsessive about this isn’t just approved, it’s smart. There’s no shame in doing multiple tours around your property to triple check that you haven’t missed that one window in the back.
  • Don’t post heavily on social media, especially if any of your profiles are public. This is the easiest way to know exactly whose home will be left unguarded. We’re all about posting pictures of the fun that you had post-trip, but prior… keep the anticipation and excitement between the trip participants.
  • Ask a friend of a neighbour to check in or at least keep an eye on your place. Even if it’s just passing by once a day and ensuring that everything looks ship-shape, it will make a world of difference for any stress you may be accumulating when you should be relaxing and enjoying your trip.

There are other life hacks that you should explore as well:

  • Think about investing in one of the many tech-enhanced security systems that are on the market right now. These circumvent the need to have human eyes on your property so frequently. At the tap of a button, you can survey your entire property. Should someone try and access your home, you’ll be notified right away.
  • Turn off all of your appliances before your leave for your trip. We know that we touched on doors (paramount) and windows (just as necessary), but turning off your appliances will not only save energy, but will mean you don’t have to worry about a freak occurrence of anything acting out of order.
  • Bonus – get all of your cleaning out of the way. There’s nothing better than returning home and knowing that you have no chores in your near future.

And finally, enjoy your travels!