How to Use Steel H Beams in Your Retaining Wall

How to Use Steel H Beams in Your Retaining WallRetaining walls are helpful to support structures that you can install in your yard or outdoor areas to create artificial slopes and elevated areas. When used correctly, retaining walls can be an excellent addition to your outdoor spaces, adding visual appeal and functionality to your yard.

If you’re considering installing a retaining wall, you might have had friends or family advising you to use steel H beams in your retaining wall. In this post, we take a look at what steel H beams are and how you can build your retaining wall with them.

What are Steel H Beams?

Steel H beams are long steel beams that resemble the capital letter H. They are commonly used as support beams in various construction projects. Steel H beams can come in all sorts of different lengths and sizes, although the most common types of steel beams are 100UC and 150UC.

Building Your Retaining Wall with Steel H Beams

Steel H beams are most commonly used to construct timber retaining walls. Because the timber planks used in building such retaining walls typically come in smaller, individual planks, it may be challenging to create a seamless wall using them alone. Thus, many builders opt to use steel H beams as their tool of choice to connect the individual planks into a single wall.

Steel H beams can be placed at regular intervals along the wall perimeter before wooden planks are slotted into the spaces in between the beams. The unique structure of steel H beams enables them to bridge the gap between the different planks of wood that make up the retaining wall.

Benefits of Using Steel H Beams

Of course, you might wonder if a retaining wall held together by steel H beams is suitable for your needs or if you should adopt a different retaining wall style. Understanding the benefits of building a retaining wall with steel H beams can help you make a better-informed decision for or against it.

Some of the many benefits of using steel H beams in your retaining wall include:

  • The beams can split your retaining wall into distinct sections, making it easier to isolate problems and repair individual sections as necessary.
  • Steel beams can significantly increase the structural integrity of your retaining walls, allowing you to hold up a greater volume of material behind them.
  • Steel is highly resistant to weathering and corrosion, making it a highly durable building material that can last for decades.

RW Steel is Here to Help

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Image Source: Steel Beam Direct